Paniscia alla novarese

Here is a traditional regional recipe. The ingredients are very poor: rice, salami, borlotti beans…

For 4 persons you’ll need: 300g of rice, 100 g lard, finely chopped, 100 g of salami of “duja” (preserved in the Lard), 30 g of butter , 1l of wine, 300 g of Fresh borlotti beans (150 g of dried ones), 250 g of pork bolt for 15 minutes and cut in pieces, 150 g tomato pulp minced, 4/5 cabbage leaves, 1 celery, 1 onion.
Place the beans in a great Terra Cotta pot with pork rind, cover them abundantly with cold water, salt and cook them for about 2 hours. Brown in a saucepan the chopped lard with celery and onion; add the rice and the soup of beans. Continue cooking until the rice is ready. Make off the fire, add some butter, whisk and serve hot.
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