P1010221“Colline novaresi”, in the district of Novara, is a 200 to 400 m. high area wich includes River Sesia and River Agogna, a territory of 25 villages, nine of those are well known as “Wine towns”: Boca, Bogogno, Briona, Fara Novarese, Ghemme, Mezzomerico, Romagnano Sesia, Sizzano and Suno.



colline_novaresiThe particular clima due to the presence of Monte Rosa and the Valsesia mounains,  is since centuries suitable for wine- making: already 20 centuries ago Plinio the Aged wrote about grape- vines that covered the Hills.

We will guide you directly to wine producers, for a taste journey of white wines as Erbaluce, red wines as Nebbiolo (Spanna), Uva Rara (Bonarda), Barbera, Vespolina, Croatina .


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